Talk - GPT-2 meets Whisper in WebAssembly

Talk with an Artificial Intelligence in your browser. This demo uses: All of this runs locally in your browser using WebAssembly.
You can find more about this project on GitHub.

Select the models you would like to use and click the "Start" button to begin the conversation

Whisper model:

GPT-2 model:

Status: not started
[The text context will be displayed here]

Debug output:

The page does some heavy computations, so make sure: Note that these neural network models were not meant to be used in a browser, so the performance and
quality of the results may not be optimal. If you have any questions or suggestions, checkout the following discussion.

Here is a short video of the demo in action:

| Build time: Wed Jan 25 19:59:57 2023 | Commit hash: b992f370 | Commit subject: whisper : do not provide past prompt when n_max_text_ctx == 0 | Source Code |